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Managed Media Converter with 1 Fiber Port & 4 Ethernet Ports
NT-G1400 Series

NT-G1400 is an L2 managed Gigabit Media Converter with the switch function. It is equipped with 4 Gigabit TP ports that accommodate optional 10/100/1000Base-T, and 1 fiber port with a 1000M SFP or a SC 1*9 module. All ports support the functions of full wire-speed nonblocking switch and interface AUTO-Mdix, also support up to 8k of the MAC address and VLAN. It complies with the standard of IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3ad, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3z, IEEE 802.1Q, which greatly increase the flexibility and reduces the cost of network’s establishment.

In the aspect of interfaces, each port is MDI/MDI-X self-adaptive, can support auto-negotiation of Half/Full-Duplex and transmission rate supporting 10M Full/Half Duplex, 100M Full/Half Duplex & 1000M Full-Duplex. Furthermore, each port supports the functions of full wire-speed nonblocking switch. NT-G1400 also supports the Backpressure flow monitoring on Half-Duplex and IEEE 802.3x flow monitoring in Full-Duplex. NT-G1400 has become the top choice of Gigabit Desktop Access in the enterprise, cybercafe, community, and campus network’s establishing.

NT-G1400 provides users with a high-efficient management. From the Web-based management interface, users can set up the modules with various functions in the device..

For the configuration of the device, it supports various technology including Port Management, VLAN, STP, LACP, QoS, Port Mirroring, 802.1X, Verification of Identity, Multicast and Broadcast storm control, etc., which has greatly improved the safety and stability of users’ network environment.

• 1.25G at fiber port, 10/100/1000M self-adaptive at Ethernet ports, Half/Full-Duplex self-adaptive                 
• About 1K MAC address capacity , update automatically
• Support broadcast storm protection
• The max-rate data transmission (wire-speed):1488000 frm/s (1000M), 148 800 frm/s (100M), 14,880 frm/s (10M)
• Support 1552byte VLAN Data Frame transmission( hardware  configuration:       1552/1536BYTE)
• Support dividing into 64 groups VLAN, support QOS, port blocking, and port mirroring
• Support Store-and-Forward Working Mode; support Half/Full Duplex; support 802.3x        flow control under Full Duplex working mode; support auto-sensation of MDI/MDIX
• Support Filter/forward special DA option
• Network line status LED: transmission rate indicator(10/100/1000M); Fiber and twisted-pair’s connection and data transmission status
• Support 4 Ethernet ports’ communication simultaneously, using for  connecting NIC, switch, and HUB
• Support the IEEE802.1q, which can guarantee the backbone features of’ most mainstream products, such as inter-switch’s VLAN function
• High-capacity network caching technology ensures data transmission and multimedia  applications
• Suppprt Volume Balancing, Isolating conflicts & Error Detection (CRC), realizing the  function of non-blocking switch , ensuring data-transmission’s security and stability
• Support Link-fault pass-through at the remote end: when the fiber link fails, the corresponding alarm LED will warn;
• High-degree of electromagnetic shielding properties and good electromagnetic compatibility
• FCC, 15 CLASS A and CE Certification


Technical Indexes




IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3U, IEEE802.3X, IEEE 802.3Z, IEEE 802.3ad, IEEE802.1d Transparent Bridging, IEEE802.1q Ethernet VLAN


FCC class B, VCCI classB, CISPRB, SMA Certification, CE Certification classB


RJ45(100Base-TX); SC, ST, FC or SFP(100Base-FX)






LED indicator

POWER: Red light

LINK/ACT: Green light, indicator for data transmission, showing fiber or   Twisted Pair’s connection status

       Light off indicates fiber or Twisted Pair no-connection

       Light on indicates fiber or Twisted Pair normal connection

       Light blink indicates the data is transmitting at Ethernet/fiber port

10/100M: Green light, Indicator for Ethernet /fiber port transmission rate

         Light off indicates transmission rate is 10M

         Light on indicates transmission rate is 100M

1000M: Green light, Ethernet-port transmission-rate indicator

        Light off indicates transmission rate is 10/100M

        Light on indicates transmission rate is 1000M

Power supply

Power Adaptor: 5V;10W

Operating temperature


Maintaining temperature



5%~90% Non-condensing


95mm(W)×30mm(D)×170mm(H) (Shell Thickness 1mm)


Fiber port, SC-Single/Dual fiber, SM/MM; ST-Single/Dual fiber, SM/MM; FC-Single/Dual fiber, SM/MM; or LC/SFP Module



Fiber port can connect with the access network; Ethernet ports can connect with switch or terminal equipment such as computers. Both fiber and Ethernet ports can be cascaded, the specific application method should be adjusted flexibly according to the practical situation. When the fiber or twisted pairis connected, corresponding LED indicator would light indicating the normal connection, please refer to Figure 1 for the specific connection method.