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Product: NT-2020 Single-/Multi-mode Converter Series 

Model: NT-2020 Series 


The NT-2020 series single-/multi-mode converters are applied in 1000Mbps fast Ethernet Network, which is wired with both single mode fibers and multi-mode fibers. It can not only fulfill the conversion of single mode and multi mode at 1310nm wavelength, but also that of 850nm/1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths, which functions as a relay and then makes multi-mode fibers transmit farther. It supports transmission in multi-mode dual fiber, single mode dual fiber and single mode single fiber.


  • Supporting IEEE802.3z 1000Base-SX/LX standards
  • Supporting full-duplex/half-duplex
  • Supporting conversion between 850nm multi-mode fibers and 1310nm/1550nm single mode fibers
  • Supporting direct and transparent transmission of packets at different lengths
  • Supporting the transmission of extra-long VLAN packets
  • Supporting Quality of Service (QoS) and ensuring the transmission of VoIP packets;
  • Supporting STP to form a redundant network;
  • Low power consumption, low heat, reliable and stable performance, and long lifetime;
  • Options in single mode in dual fiber, multi-mode in dual fiber, and single mode in single fiber


1000Mbps optical Ethernet long-distance transmitting system

Technical Indexes



Access mode



IEEE802.3z 1000Base-SX/LX Gigabit Ethernet



Transmission distance

multi-mode Dual-fiber: 220m (62.5/125レm)/500m (50/125レm)

single mode Dual-fiber: 20/40Km;

single mode single fiber: 20/40Km


One multi-mode optical port: Multi-mode: SC (50, 62.5/125レm)

One single mode optical port: single mode: SC (9/125レm)

Single mode Single fiber: SC (9/125レm)

Conversion means

Media conversion




100,000 hours

LED indicator

PWR (power supply)

SM LINK (single mode optical link)

MM LINK (multi-mode optical link)

Power supply

AC220V 0.3A/DC-48V 0.5A

Power consumption


Operating temperature


Operating humidity


Maintaining temperature


Maintaining humidity

5% ~ 90% non-condensing


26mm(H)*85mm(W)*135mm(D) (internal power supply)

110mm(H)*22mm(W)*81mm(D) (card type)

Order Information

100/1000M Single-/Multi-mode Fiber Converter


Single mode 20km/multi-mode 500m mode converter 1310/1310nm


Single mode 40km/multi-mode 500m mode converter 1310/1310nm